Partnering with Pharmanovia

The majority of pharmaceutical companies plan to divest or discontinue small products from their product portfolio from time to time. This may be due to mergers, manufacturing difficulties or the like. However, the delisting of important or even life saving medicines from the market can greatly influence the life of patients or damage public relations.

On such basis, Pharmanovia offers to release big-pharma companies from the negative aspects and criticism from delisting smaller products.

Therefore – we invite for considering Pharmanovia as your partner next time you contemplate delisting such products. We keep these products available to patients as they still fulfill important medical needs.

Please see below our corporte presentation for possible and responsible divestment of critical care products as an alternative to discontinuation:

Please direct enquiries related to partnering with Pharmanovia A/S to:


Mr. Svend Johansen

Tel. +45 33 33 76 33